Diversity & Inclusion

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the successful delivery of our services and these underpin our vision of ‘Together, exceptional every day’.

Mission: “We will commit to understand, accept and value our differences, and as a community to work better together and to improve our personal and collective performance

“We aim to eliminate any disadvantage based on age, disability, marriage, civil partnership, race, culture, religion or belief, lack of religion or belief, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, maternity or any other minority characteristics”.

Our six key commitments:

  • We identify with the need to define and implement specific and relevant training for recruiting managers
  • We recognise the need to welcome new colleagues into our community and to encourage conversations at all levels
  • We want to promote and encourage purposeful conversations throughout our community that help us celebrate our differences and understand how to work better together
  • We commit to celebrating and valuing the rich diversity of our staff and our community
  • We will demonstrate our leadership commitment through being visible and accessible to our staff and our community.