Cleanliness in hospitals is about more than just keeping the place clean.

Working 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year, our domestic services team provides cleaning services for every area throughout both of our hospital sites. This includes public areas and offices, through to the cleaning of our operating theatres and ward areas.

The service operates within all Theatres, Emergency Departments, Wards, Outpatient Clinics and public areas. There are currently 220 cleaners at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and 99 cleaners at Cheltenham General Hospital. We are also responsible for the ward beverage services to 26 wards during the day and at mealtimes at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Gloucestershire Managed Services is in the process of implementing the National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021 across all their services in line with other NHS healthcare establishments in England. This new process aims at driving improvements while being flexible enough to meet the different and complex requirements of our healthcare organisation.

Gloucestershire Managed Services is also contracted to provide domestic services at the following surgeries:

  • Rosebank Surgery
  • Kingsway Health Centre
  • Severnvale Surgery
  • Bartongate Surgery

There are a number of areas of achievement in recent years that have helped to enhance the Trust’s overall reputation for service to its patients, staff & visitors. These include:

  • Responsive support provided to wards within the hospital during outbreak situations.
  • Working closely with the Infection Control department to achieve increased levels of hand hygiene compliance and on outbreak management.
  • Providing services that are fully compliant to the Hygiene Code Inspections carried out by the Care Quality Commission.

We provide a wide range of services including:

    • Routine scheduled cleaning
    • Patient Beverage Service
    • Ward pantry duties
    • Patient water jugs
    • Planned periodic cleaning
    • Ad-hoc cleaning & Rapid Response
    • Infection control / Barrier cleans
    • Reactive cleaning
    • Specialist cleans and decontamination including HPV
    • Consumables management
    • Odour control in washrooms
    • Provision of barrier matting
    • High profile cleaning of public areas
    • Equipment supply

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